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Customers Feedback


Vera Danne
Among the analgesic balms I've tried so far, this was the best.


After i ordered the product, i received it the next day and it was even for free. It was more efficient than other hyped useless creams. Thank you.


Éva Borbély
I'm satisfied with the product, I have already bought several times. It significantly reduced my shoulders and waist pains. Thanks you.


Istvánné Mészáros
I have bought from YOU less than a week. I use it for varicose veins and headache. Last summer when i was mowing my lawn my arm was tightened, since then it hurts ... now just did hurt. The spider veins are only barely visible. Where my veins are bulging out from my leg even just a bit, are also spectacularly healing. I ordered a birthday package and also distributed it. It's even good for my daughter and also my girlfriend's mother to. THANKS, for this product. I will try other products as well! The delivery is fast and accurate too.


Mária Juhász Bájlukné
I use four product since Christmas, that i've got as a gift from my girlfriend. This included the book too. (Deadly trust). Herbal Masterbalm, Varikoflex, Fungicide cream, Freckles and Anti-wrinkle cream. It seems the masterbalm is effective, but the varicose cream does not, yet. I ordered Masterbalm to resupply my stock, and the next day it has arrived. It was a positive surprise. Thank you.


Jánosné Molnár
I've been using HillVital Masterbalm for more than a year now, and it has a good pain relief property. My whole family and friends have a good opinion about it.


Tünde Horváth
However, my experiences so far are very positive: Unfortunately i have calluses on my hand, (had) it's after 1-2 days turned into smooth and soft. This has not been achieved with other creams so far. On my legs, above my ankle and my knee,there is a lot of capillary. These are started to fade, despite of i don't use it everyday twice. And im not a middle aged woman.


Judit Józsefné Bencsik
I thanks the work of the whole team. The masterbalm is helped, and helps to my husband, the pain goes away in minutes.


The MasterBalm is MASTERFUL! I use it to my sore knee joint. My stinging pains in walking have disappeared, since I massage and lubricate my knees twice a day. The painless walk is a divine feeling.


I started to use the cream just a few month ago. My shoulder joint and my leg bone pains are radically reduced. I can only recommend. Thank you.


Lívia Nagy 
I know the product more than a year now and i use it with big satisfaction. This time i ordered to my mother and one of her girlfriend, they really like it. When i have time to go the Massage, I'm taking it with myself. Next time i'll try out the more expensive version. Anyway thanks for the lots of information that you have sending, I always reads something interesting. I wish you a good job.


I’m really satisfied with the product. I have already bought the second one. Almost completely eliminated my pains in the knee. My acquaintance recommended it, and for the first time I did not believe in it, and then he gave me a little bit to try, and convinced me. I can recommend it to everyone for a variety of pains. Of course, it should be used regularly.Thank you.


Andrásné Varga
I have already bought this product a year ago, but with full price. Then I wrote that it was super, it really calmed the pain, but maybe it's an exaggeration it's removes the cause of pain. However i used just one canister, because of its price.It’s really good! But shouldn't use it at the evening, cause it's true it's calming but i wasn't be able to sleep. Obviously it's contains a type of herb that keeps me awake. But in the day time it's really excellent. As i wrote it, i used only one canister, because i'm a retired person and i can't afford it to buy it regularly, it's price is high for me. Because of the discount i could order it to myself for Christmas, even one canister worth something as long as it lasts. It's better then Flexagel just because it's made of natural ingredients, and its not a drug, i don't really like drugs. Drugs cause a lot of trouble, the people are raised on to using it. Unfortunately they are led by their nose, they do not thinking. If i maybe i could use ca. 10 canister one after another, even the cause of the pain would disappear. Maybe. Thats my opinion! I can only recommend it to Everyone who wants to heal naturally, who has joint, cartilage rheumatic pains and has the money to buy it regularly!