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The natural solution for skin problems.

Folk medicine uses several herbs to alleviate and treat various unpleasant skin conditions such as rashes or itching. This blend of tea is made of the best herbs that nature can offer to alleviate such skin disorders. Making teas and infusions is one of the oldest form of utilizing and consuming herbs. In the case of various skin diseases (e.g. eczema, psoriasis) herbs can effectively be utilized.

Hillvital teas are the top of the grade and professionally made in every aspect. They are exclusively made of high quality, fresh herb raw materials harvested and further manufactured in Hungary under strict quality control. The herbs contained in this blend are hand-picked, manually dried and packaged. Most importantly, our teas do not contain any additives but pure herbs.


A tea blend containing 7 herbs. Herbal ingredients: Agrimony, Black Elder flower, Blowball leaf, Blowball root, Chicory root, Dwarf Nettle, Fumitory, Marigold

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