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HillVital Masterbalm 

Natural Solutions for Powerful Pain Relief
All-Natural product with high content of herbal ingredients

Masterbalm - Natural Pain Relief

Do you suffer from sore muscles, joint pain, painful knees, or shoulder problems? Is your unpleasant arthritis ruining your life? Do you feel unable to move? 

                                                                 Let us help with that!

The Natural Masterbalm is specifically formulated to relieve pain
located in joints and muscles with the power of 12 effective herbal extracts.

Additionally it provides relief from back pain, sore feet. It helps by reducing pain, inflammation and swelling.

It soothes the pain associated from arthritis or rheumatism. Masterbalm works as an effective pain relief. Application of the balm acts in an anti-inflammatory and regenerating way.


These herbs help to reduce pain as our combination of natural herbal ingredients have an anti-inflammatory affect. The herbs contained in Masterbalm have a deep effect on the skin and body, without polluting your system with toxic substances. It supports skin health, helps in the process of healing from minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions.  

Masterbalm is a purely organic product.
Through Hillvital's combination of hand-picked herbs and their increased concentration, reinforce the positive effects our formula as compared to other over-the-counter (OTC) product. 



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