About us

[Herbal expertise from Hungary]

According to archaeological findings, mankind has been using plants for thousands of years to cure illnesses, restore strength and ease pain. The oldest herbal medicine books are thousands of years old. Yet just 100 years ago a line was drawn in history saying that what is below the line is obsolete, quackery. We have poured down the drain the knowledge that has kept humanity alive since prehistoric times, that has stood the test of thousands of years. Finally, human health today is at an unprecedented low.

At HillVital, we are dedicated to herbs. Our goal is to put herbs back where they belong, not lower and not higher. We know no secrets, no secret ingredients, operations or complicated equipment. We create and make available naturally made preparations of medicinal plants, just as many others did before us many hundreds of years ago. Experience so far tells us what we can say, or what you should definitely know: nature has not become obsolete.

You are important to us, so it is important that you live a long, healthy and happy life! We can contribute to this by developing for you herbal formulations with natural ingredients, high active ingredients, no side effects and no artificial ingredients. Quality, guarantee, expertise. That’s HillVital!