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Treatment of varicose veins using poultices

Treatment of varicose veins using poultices

Compressing inflamed varicose veins can also help in the treatment of varicose veins. Varicose veins can be treated in many ways at home. We present some effective methods.

Cold water compresses can be excellent for feet. However, this is due to the cold water rather than the poultice itself.

Cold water compresses contract the muscles of the vein walls, thus promoting their emptying. As an antidote, we definitely avoid soaking in warm water, taking a long bath, and applying warm water compresses. It’s no coincidence that varicose veins get worse in the summer. In this case, due to the heat, the varicose veins expand and congestion increases. With this in mind, use only cold water for compresses on varicose veins.

Calendula can also be a great poultice for varicose veins.

Calendula is very popular in our country, with a high content of vitamin C and flavonoids. This plant is an excellent disinfectant, wound healer and anti-inflammatory.

Treating inflamed varicose veins at home can even be done with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar poultices can also be effective for varicose veins.

Apple cider vinegar reduces inflammation, relieves pain and improves blood flow and cleans blood vessels. When making the poultice, the dilution ratio can vary, but the apple cider vinegar must be diluted! It is recommended to fill at least 2/3 with water.

What can we do to prevent varicose veins?

The first and perhaps most important thing is to pay attention to exercise. Among the sports, water sports have an outstandingly good effect. Swimming or water exercises have a positive effect on varicose veins. During swimming, due to the pressure of the water on the body, the blood is squeezed out of the lower limbs, thanks to which the full veins are emptied. Thanks to the cold water, the walls of the veins contract, which also promotes the emptying of the veins. The rhythmic leg movement during swimming activates the muscle pump, and thanks to the horizontal body position, the weight on the legs is less.

In addition to swimming, cycling is also recommended.

However, let’s be careful not to perform a strenuous, exhausting exercise with constant jumping. Weights are also avoided as a countermeasure.

Exercises can also be done at home.

In the case of the lower limbs, anti-stagnation exercises play a role. In the supine position, moving the ankles and feet, raising them towards the level of the heart, helps empty the veins. It should also be noted that when sitting, the legs should be placed on a lower chair or stool. It is also advisable to put your feet up when sleeping.

Particular emphasis should be placed on excess weight, as this means that the lower limbs have to bear extra weight. It is also recommended to use various creams, which, thanks to their varicose vein tightening properties, refresh tired, heavy varicose legs. HillVital Varikoflex is such a cream. VARIKOFLEX varicose vein cream contains 20 special, special herbs, based on the recipe of our grandmothers, combined with the technology of the modern age. Thanks to its constituent elements, it is recommended for the treatment of varicose veins.

Treatment of varicose veins using poultices

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