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Get rid of the muscle spasm!

Muscle spasm

Muscle cramps can be caused by injury, exertion, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies (usually magnesium and calcium).

Medicines can also cause muscle cramps, such as diuretics, medicines for high blood pressure, asthma medicines.

Usually, you can get rid of muscle spasm by relaxing and stretching.

If your calves are cramping or aching, you may want to walk or lean against a wall to stretch them. If you have muscle spasms in the back of your hands, you may want to press your palms firmly on the table. Massaging or rubbing the affected areas can be a general solution, or warming the muscles with a compress can be very effective. Hydration is also important, especially if the muscle spasm is caused by sport or physical work.

Whatever kind of cramp you are facing, it is a general help to increase your calcium and magnesium intake, as a lack of these is also a common cause of muscle cramps. Medication is not recommended. You can prevent muscle cramps by warming up before exercising and stretching afterwards, which not only prevents muscle cramps but also injuries.

There are also herbs that can help a lot to relieve muscle spasm.

Let’s see what these herbs are.

Yarrow has great physiological effects. It both relaxes and dilates stiff and spasming muscles and can even be effective when mixed with fruits like grapes. It increases blood circulation and can also prevent muscle spasms.

Black comfrey is also a great herb. It is most commonly used to treat muscle spasms. The root is also used as a poultice and balm. It can also be used to relieve spasmodic pain as well as other problems. It has also been used orally, where it is effective for tense muscles and joint relief.

St. John’s wort oil can also be great for spasming muscles. It can even bring an immediate improvement. Rubbing it on the problem areas dilates the capillaries and therefore relieves pain. St. John’s wort leaves make a great poultice to help sore muscles.

Muscle spasm
Muscle spasm
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