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The link between weather and mood

Weather and mood

The weather can have a significant impact on people’s mood during the autumn months.

Here’s a look at how the weather can affect your mood at this time of year:

Sunshine and light: autumn months bring shorter days and longer nights, and the weather can often be cloudy. Lower sunshine hours and overcast weather mean that people are exposed to less natural light, which can contribute to lower energy levels and a general decline in mood.

Temperature: temperatures can drop significantly in the autumn months, and the cold weather can make people more inclined to stay indoors. The cold weather can make people less inclined to go out, play sports or spend time outdoors, all of which can contribute to a deterioration in mood.

Circadian rhythm: Seasonal changes, such as the onset of autumn, can affect the human circadian rhythm, or biological clock. Darkness comes earlier and this can change the sleep-wake cycle. As a result, people can become sleepy and tired, which can affect mood.

Local weather conditions: weather conditions are location-dependent and people may react differently depending on the weather changes they experience in a particular area. For example, rainy or foggy weather can be associated with depression, while a nice autumn day can boost people’s cheerfulness and motivation.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): weather conditions and less sunshine in the autumn months can contribute to the development of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is a mood disorder that goes with the change of seasons, usually occurring in autumn and winter. During SAD, people may suffer from more severe depression or mood disorders.

The impact of weather on human mood depends on individual and cultural factors.

Some people enjoy the autumn months because they like the cool weather and colourful leaves, while others are put off by the longer periods of darkness and cold weather.

It is important to understand that not everyone is affected by the weather in the same way, and individual reactions may vary.

However, taking weather effects into account during the autumn months can be important to better understand and manage mood changes.

Weather and mood
Weather and mood